The Succulent Kindergarten

Hello there. It’s been a long, long hiatus. After moving, we started to paint, assemble IKEA stuff and do a lot of DIY and gardening projects and the weeks passed by without even being able to realize.

Today I’m here to talk about something I created unexpectedly and almost accidentally in the terrace of my new place: obtaining baby plants from different types of succulents. That should give you an evidence of how easy they are to propagate.

Jade plant

That’s probably the most valuable thing the previous owners left behind: two magnificent (and probably quite ancient) jade plants. I don’t know their exact age, but doing some research, I think at least they might be 10 years old.

When we were putting wooden floor outdoors, we moved them many times and some of their leaves and little branches fell off. After some days, I discovered a little branch hidden behind the plant on the floor and it had roots! So I planted it and now I have a new jade plant. Yes, it is that easy.

Echeveria “von Nuremberg”

This one is all gorgeous by itself. I bought it a long ago, when I didn’t know about all this succulent deco trends, just because I loved it. Succulents had never caught my attention until then.

Then I started to google it and I discovered that they can be propagated by gently removing a leaf and placing it on a plate. I tried, and at first I was disappointed because after 4 weeks or so the leaf was still there and nothing happened. Then, suddenly it started to develop tiny roots for a long time, but they seemed to die just afterwards. And when I had lost all hope, the roots become wider, pink and healthy, and after a few days, tiny leaves began to appear:

Afterwards, I bought another echeveria and I saw it already had a new plant attached to a rotting leaf behind the mother plant, so I only had to remove the leave and plant it.


I don’t particularly like Aloes, but this plant was left by the previous owner and it was all dry and almost dying. I took it as a challenge to turn it into a healthy plant again. And after this hiatus weeks it has certainly grown (all the green part) and I realized it already had some plantlets around. Again, that easy.


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