The traveler inside you will love geolocalized pin boards

Today I’m going to talk about something I have recently rediscovered myself and I will show you an easy way to do it if you like the idea.

I am talking about Pinterest’s geolocalized pin boards. Even if I have only visited most part of Europe and some Africa, I really enjoy travelling. I’ve always dreamed of having a real pin board at home with a world map, adding a pin to each country or place I visit. Unfortunately, I feel something like this would take a lot of space in the wall (I live in a small flat) and, besides, it doesn’t really match the rest of my home decor right now. But again Pinterest gave me the perfect solution.

By the end of this tutorial, you should have a digital world map pin board with the best photos of your own journeys pinned to each place you’ve visited (and by the way, this is another advantage: if you had to attach your favorite photo to every pinned place in a real life pin board you would need a huge pin board and a huge map!). Let’s get started.

1. Create an account in a free image hosting service. There are plenty of websites that host your images for free and give you an url for them. I recommend

(Or add them to directly by clicking the “plus” button at the right bottom part of the main page, but I find it less convenient and I personally don’t like the “Uploaded by user” thing)

2. Upload the best photos of all the places you’ve visited. If you have many photos of the same place, don’t upload them all. Just select the best ones. Otherwise, your pin map will look chaotic and cluttered. Imgur lets you upload the images by just dragging them into their website. Quite handy.

3. Create a board in Pinterest such as “Places i’ve visited” or “I’ve been here”. Edit the board and enable the option “Add a map?”

4. Pin the hosted images to your new board. You probably noticed that imgur has a Pinterest “pin it” button, which makes it specially convenient. Just click on it and select the board you just created. Add some info such as the place and date this photo was taken.

5. Go to your new board on Pinterest and click “Add a place” for each photo. You will see the map there is quite well done. It finds most streets and squares in cities, and some in smaller towns and it even finds tiny villages, mountains, parks or lakes (Oops! I left the Pinterest interface in Spanish in that one! I’m sorry. “Selecciona un lugar” means “Pick a place”).

6. Time to be happy and grateful for having the opportunity to visit all those beautiful places!

Some other cool ideas to do with this is a “Summits of my life” board (this title is a tribute to Catalan mountaineer and long-distance runner Kilian Jornet), with all the summits you have reached, a “Best beaches in…” or “Best places to go running” or separate your national and international trips in different boards so that the pins from very close places don’t look all piled up (although you can zoom in and out the map with the buttons at the bottom right part of the page), or even a “Places I want to go”, pinning beautiful photos from other people in the Pinterest community.

The possibilities that come to my mind are endless! I hope you enjoy it.

And remember “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller


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